Off Road and Track Training Providers

Find the organisation which offers the course most suitable for you…


Good off-road motorcycle training, whether it is on dirt or on track can help you develop skills that are not typically taught during traditional on road post test training courses. Off-road riding courses specifically teach enhanced riding techniques that can improve your riding and help keep you safe on public roads.

Here are some things to consider – questions you could ask to help you decide.
  • 1. How do you feel this course could benefit my road or track riding?
  • 2. What qualifications do your instructors have? Do they hold a Track Coaching Licence?
  • 3. Is the organisation appropriately approved to deliver On-Track Training?
  • 4. Do any of your instructors' qualifications relate to road riding?
  • 5. Do you supply the motorcycle or do I need to use my own? What is my liability?
  • 6. What licence do I need? (None, A1,A2,A or provisional, or ACU Novice, Clubman or National Road Race)?
  • 7. If I use my bike, must it be modified in anyway (e.g. brake lever guard)?
  • 8. If I use my bike must it be insured and taxed
  • 9. What level of protective clothing is required, - is it supplied?
  • 10. What does the course cost?
  • 11. Are there showers available?
  • 12. What is the ratio of students to Instructors? How many other riders will be with me?
  • 13. How much time is spent riding and how much in the classroom?
  • 14. Are there any independent reviews of your course I can check?
  • 15. Will the track be professionally marshalled, and what track side emergency medical cover will there be?
  • 16. Are there any additional charges I need to consider? (Insurance for example)