Training Providers

Find the organisation which offers the course most suitable for you…

Firstly, How do you choose which course to take?

Rider skills courses, come in all shapes and sizes (they may be called, advanced training, post test training, rider development, rider skills) but all will help you get the most from your riding.

Here are some things to consider – questions you could ask to help you decide.
  • 1. How often do the courses run?
  • 2. How many people will be on the course at the same time?
  • 3. How long will the course last for?
  • 4. Is there a formal qualification at the end of the course?
  • 5. Is there a test or any kind of assessment at the end of the course?
  • 6. Are there any 'skills' elements to the course (for example slow riding) or is it purely road riding?
  • 7. Can you tailor the course for my individual requirements?
  • 8. What does it cost?
  • 9. Do I use my own motorcycle?
  • 10. Is there an opportunity to join other riders more socially?
  • 11. What qualifications will my instructor have?
  • 12. Does the Instructor/organisation trainer have any independent reviews that I can check?